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Walks/Hillwalks/Via ferrata/”Paragliding”

The Ferme de la Côte is in the middle of one of the most beautiful regions of French-speaking Switzerland in a hilly landscape surrounded by mountains (including the Le MOLÉSON 2 002 m) and gorgeous untouched mixed woodland. It will be a true pleasure for you to work off the calories from feasting on “meringue with double cream & co.” here by walking or jogging directly out of your house over the meadows or the bordering forest with relish in the mornings.

A bit more challenging when it comes to exertion is climbing the Moleson – you’ve got plenty of options to choose from:


The entire ascent on foot

Partly by mountain railway and partly on foot

Start: Moléson-sur-Grueyères to Goal: Plan-Francey – starting point next to the summit ascent for numerous trails, including « Via Ferrata »

Solely by mountain railway

This excursion is very rewarding no matter what. Once you arrive at the summit, you’ll be enthralled by the panoramic view from the observation platform – a magnificent vista over the massif of the Alps. From the balcony of the Alpine foothills you can see all of western Switzerland from Lake Geneva to the famous summits of the Bernese Oberland, from Mt. Blanc to the Jura and the Three Lakes Region.

Golf :

7 golf courses in the region within 15 – 25 km.

Of these 5 with 18 holes

1 with 24 holes

1 with 9 holes

Information : www.deleadingcourses.com


Tennis/squash/badminton : in BULLE and CHARMEY

Information : www.la-gruyere.ch/tennis


Spa/bien-être/piscine : in CHARMEY

Information : www.bainsdelagruyere.ch


Bathing lakes: In 20 minutes to Lac Gruyère, 30 minutes to Lake Geneva. 20 min du Lac de la Gruyère, 30 min du Lac Léman.


Three Lakes Region:

This is the region between Lake Neuchâtel, Lake Murten and Lake Biel. You’re right in the heart of it in about 1 hour’s drive (country road part of the way)!

The lakes offer very good opportunities for swimming/boating/water skiing?

See also www.juradreiseenland.ch

But exploring this region with its charming towns like NEUCHATEL, BIEL/BIENNE and MURTEN by bicycle or on foot is delightful as well.

“Buvettes d’alpage, musées, fromageries, chocolateries…”


Only in winter

Ski & Snowboard :


20 min. away: MOLESON-SUR-GRUYERES 30 km pistes
Information : www.la-gruyere.ch/ski


30 min. away: CHARMEY 30 km pistes, JAUN and LA BERRA 25 km pistes.


It absolutely must be mentioned that you can be in one of the largest and most beautiful skiing areas of Europe in a little over an hour.


  • in VERBIER in Valais – experience an unforgettable day of skiing there.
  • GSTAAD, the world-famous winter health resort is also just an hour away by car absolutely worth it for a day trip!
  • The ski resorts of LEYSIN and VILLARS can also be reached in just short of an hour by car.


Events/Impressive cities/Sights:



MONTREUX, located on Lac Léman (the proper name of Lake Geneva), is

the City of Jazz. The Jazz Festival takes place here every year in July – a special experience for lovers of music/jazz. The magic of the music can be felt in the streets and especially on the beach promenade.

Montreux and its inhabitants and visitors turn into a melody – a celebration of the senses! See also www.montreauxjazzfestival.com

You can be there in only 35 min.!

CHILLON CASTLE just next to Montreux, on a rock on the shore of Lake Geneva.

This water castle is the most-visited historic building in Switzerland.


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on Lac Léman – the cities of MONTREUX – VEVEY – LAUSANNE line up like pearls on a string.

The last of these has large, luxurious hotels, elegant restaurants, bistros and cafés, beautiful businesses and boutiques and, as “Olympic Capital,” also offers the Olympic Museum.

Lausanne is the fourth largest city in all of Switzerland and the capital of the Canton of Vaud. Lausanne is a university town and has multiple institutions of higher education, which makes it very attractive to young people in particular.

In the evening hours when the sea of lights is reflected in the lake, the city becomes an experience!


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the smallest of the three “pearls on the lake” offers a weekly market and very lovely shops big and small where you can relish going on a “shopping tour” through picturesque alleys.  And – you’ll find a bonanza!

This town has a very particular charm that already attracted Charlie Chaplin so much that he made it his main residence for the last twenty-five years of his life.


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with a very interesting history: This is where Mère Royaume (Mother Kingdom) courageously prevented an enemy takeover of the city of Geneva by Savoyard mercenaries in 1602. She poured boiling hot vegetable soup on the heads of the attackers when they tried to climb over the wall and in this way stopped them from storming the city. She is a great heroine of the city– she saved Geneva and its citizens from its enemies. Read more at Wikipedia.

A visit to Geneva is absolutely worth the autobahn drive of 60 minutes. It offers everything you expect from a trip to the city:

  • Romantic narrow alleyways in the old town – making it an “object of lust” for photographers – and for lovers of second-hand shops/antiquities/boutiques
  • The fountain in the lake… that shoots a powerful stream of water vertically towards the sky every ….. min – fascinating to watch from  the shore.
  • Beautiful bridges with a photogenic view of parts of the city with their stately nostalgic buildings.
  • A special attraction for the lifestyle of “Nonchalance à la francaise” derives from the Genevese “Marché de Rive,” both outside and inside. Gourmets get their money’s worth at this traditional marché! “A feast for the senses”
  • And last but not least, the “engines” of the city of Geneva:
    the Swiss watches – every make can be found in a variety of speciality shops.


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the capital of the canton – German and French are spoken here!

… if you feel like going on a 30 minute trip north, the canton’s capital of Fribourg is worth seeing. It’s a city of about 35,000 inhabitants that offers many department stores and businesses, cafés, bistros and *** restaurants. There’s a university, which gives the cityscape and its people a youthful character.


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The Swiss federal capital.

Only 50 minutes by car, this metropolis of 140,000 inhabitants with its uniquely beautiful Old Town had the honour of being distinguished as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.  Albert Einstein lived in Bern for a while and his flat can be viewed.

The architecture, like the 1848 Federal Parliament in the style of the Florentine Renaissance, is worth seeing and extremely photogenic.

The Federal Parliament can be viewed by advance booking:

Telephone: +41 (0)31 322 85 22

Along with Bern’s landmark, the bear pit, there is also a large bear park.

You’ll also find the Zentrum PAUL KLEE, qopened in 2005, which is dedicated to the life and work of Paul Klee (1879-1940). Visit the largest collection of his works in the world.

Language: German and French


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 And finally, a “highlight” close to home



Many of its countless visitors speak of “love at first sight.” The charm of this medieval town is expressed in its picturesque architecture. The enchanting town, which sits enthroned and exposed on a hill – downright regally, as it deserves as the most beautiful village in western Switzerland – owes its name to the region and the world-famous cheese!

Discover a town with traditions where time seems to stand still –

especially NOW – in a time of rushing about, noise and hurry!

In 20 minutes by car you can reach:

  • Show cheese dairy
  • Gruyères Castle
  • Tibel Museum

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